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Quality Mauritius

Our Mission

Create an open window on the real Mauritius with a wide range of offers under continuous assessment by consumers and professionals.

Our Vision

Be the reference for the consumer looking for a targeted.  attractive and quality offer.

Quality Mauritius.com provides informations on ; stars rating, labels, opinions and arguments of the service provider. Whether you are a consumer or professional it allows you to review and rate for quality continuous  improvement.

Star rating

The one to five stars indicate the degree of comfort, the atmosphere, the level of sophistication of the product and service offered to meet the customer requirement. One star = economical, two-star superior economic, three stars = mid-range, four stars = high class and five stars = luxurious. In other words, a popular, mass and standardized to an exclusive original product, comfortable with personalized service, a la carte product and a commitment to excellence in service.

Local standards (NL)

In practice the use of stars for professionals without evaluation by an accredited body is custom. Generally subjective and often influenced by e infrastructure. This practice is commonly known as "NL" local standards.

Quality labels

Quality labels confirm that the stars were awarded after evaluation and recommendation by the accredited agency. Auditors of these agencies regularly audit comformity to required specifications, ability and commitment of the provider. These quality labels are real trust seals adapted to international standardswith a global recognition.

Prestige labels

These prestige labels confirm and enhance specific characteristics by a higher level of sophistication and rigor. Note that the contemporary luxury is no longer just image but also the real value of service. Luxury living is looking for emotions, experiences, even of well being and inner harmony with discretion.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide visitors an encounter with "The Real World" in places frequented by residents to explore the destination as one of them  living with objective information on the products to allow the visitors to pick and choose knowingly.

For residents, Quality Mauritius.com provides the opportunity to be part of the tourism and economic development while being aware of the expectations of the consumer, the management of environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

The facilities offered and the desire to create a local supply of quality, targeted and attractive, helps to unite the public and private sectors to ensure sustainable development.


We aim to classify and categorize by star maximum product offerings using internationally recognised  standards and criteria. QM international will assess with precise criteria for comparing services with the features together to meet the needs, requirements and legitimate expectations of consumers.

QM-International is the result of a process that involved research needs, requirements of product and service in accordance to quality, safety, security, hygiene, accessibility, transparency, authenticity and harmony of human activity and natural environment.

Labeled companies must respect the rules of use established by the holder of the record QM-International, fit better to their environment, meet the statutory standards and the expectation for quality by the consumer.


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